Starrymicro Culture

Pragmatism Efficient Innovation Win-win

Pragmatism People-oriented Pragmatism

Enterprise is a market organization, a group of people come together is to do things. To have something to do, to be able to do something, to do something well, and to be practical also means to do business with integrity.

Efficient To be a effective rather than a large organization

Pursue efficiency, constantly optimize efficiency, not only with peer companies, but also with ourselves and AI, and do not pursue organizational size.

Innovation Explore innovation Constantly seek competitiveness

To obtain enterprise survival by seeking truth from facts, to obtain enterprise development by efficiency, and to obtain enterprise progress by technological progress and continuous innovation, including organizational innovation, business model innovation, product innovation and service innovation.

Win-Win Multi-Party Profit Sustained Healthy Development

Pursuit of upstream and downstream synergistic profitability, joint profitability, the pursuit of long-term sustainable and healthy cooperation