Starrymicro Profile

Starrymicro (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd  team has more than 10 years of experience in the automotive electronics, since the establishment , Starrymicro has focused on the perception and control systems of automotive electronics. 

Perception: Mainly for the field of automotive sensors, such as PM 2.5 sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, fuel vapor pressure sensors, ABS wheel speed sensors, TPMS sensors, vehicle speed sensors, torque sensors, angle sensors, crankshaft ventilation sensors, reversing radar sensors, electronic accelerator pedals and core components of non-contact sensors, light and rain sensors, current sensors, etc.

Control: mainly in the headlights, BCM+TPMS+PEPS, EPS, ESC (including EPB, ABS), motor control system (window door module, electric tailgate, electric seat, window anti-pinch, electric sunroof, sun visor controller, wiper controller, folding ear motor, electric rear wing, electric door handle, etc.), thermal management system (electric air conditioning compressor + air conditioning control system + PTC heating system + electronic oil pump + electronic water pump + valve, etc.), Internet of Vehicles system (V2X, including TBOX, CENTRAL CONTROL, DASH CAM, INSTRUMENT PANEL, INTELLIGENT COCKPIT, HUD, ETC.), ADAS SYSTEM (DOMAIN CONTROLLER + 77G MILLIMETER WAVE RADAR & LIDAR + CAMERA + SENSOR + 360 SURROUND VIEW + DMS, etc.), THREE-ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN SYSTEM (BMS / OBC + DCDC / INVERTER), etc.

Combined with the supply chain, Starrymicro has one-stop services from providing a chip, technical solutions to magnetic circuit simulation, product SMT, EMC testing, environmental function testing, ISO26262 ,etc.

The automobile culture imprinted in the bones allows enterprises to keep up with the development and reform of the automobile industry, actively embrace the new challenges of industry innovation and upgrading, contribute value to the development of the automotive electronics supply chain, and create value for customers wholeheartedly.